Star's Fashion Cape Panwa


I made contact with Tony (owner of Star's fashion) after reading reviews of previews reviewers in Trip Advisor. Before my stay in Cape Panwa, I also stayed in Patong and Karon. There were tailors inviting me to do business but I think the advantage of doing business with Tony is that you are assured you are getting the best service. He is not pushy. He is knowledgeable about his trade and he offers his expert advise when appropriate. His English is good so you can be confident you are being understood.

I was only in Cape Panwa for three nights so he was conscious of that and made sure the job would be done on time. Ideally, it would probably be good to give him more time as the process is a bit involved. With me, there was the initial consultation when he took my measurements and discussed what I was looking for. The next day, he had a roughly-cut suit jacket and a shirt from which I had to try out for size. The next day, he and his two tailors came to my room in the resort I was staying for another fitting because I had problems getting to his shop. Then the next day, I had to come in for the final fitting and settled the transaction. He had to deliver the last pair of pants to my resort before I had to leave the next day. This is why I suggest it would probably be good to allow more time for the process.

Overall, I found doing business with Tony very pleasant. What did stand out for me is that I was assured I was dealing with a man who knew what he was doing, who cared about his reputation by doing great work and developing long-term repeat business. You were assured that at the end of the process, you will have a great suit because your needs are understood. I did end up with 2 great suits.

Now that he has my measurements and because he is a type of man with whom I want to do business again, the option is open to have him create a jacket, a shirt, pants or coat from him in the future!

Visited August 2014


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