Promthep Cape Restaurant


After watching the beautiful sunset, we went to this restaurant. We were just going to have something small before going somewhere else for dinner because of a negative review we read here on Trip Advisor. But after having sat down and soaked in what the restaurant visionaries were trying to do, my wife and I decided to eat dinner there instead. We're happy we did because it turned out to be an experience that we found memorable enough for its own uniqueness as a restaurant and for its location and scenery.

It is a great place to enjoy the early evening. The waiter could have worked a little more enthusiasm in working there but nevertheless she did her job. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and say it was geting late and perhaps it was a long day. The food was great. We thought our dishes were the tastiest meals we've had our entire trip. I don't think the prices were inflated at all. Very noticeable. The views were spectacular. The outdoor restaurant theme and the setting was great and it was an experience that I found was unique to this area and to this restaurant. It had a beautiful lush garden that was well lit in which to exit the restaurant.

Best sunset in the southern-most point of Phuket.


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