Phuket Panwa Beachfront Resort


We stayed here for 3 days in August 2014 and we! The beachfront views are spectacular. The main pool is massive and a pleasure to swim in. Bathroom is superb. Big and firm comfortable bed. The entrance and lounge area is amazing, grand and comfortable. The breakfast is something my wife is still dreaming about. In fact of the 3 resorts we stayed in during our visit to Phuket, this is the one our minds keep coming back to.

I would give the employees of this hotel 5 stars. Even if we haven't personally thanked all the staff members we had the pleasure of dealing with, we are grateful to all the staff were very helpful, friendly and considerate. For example, every time we went from the hotel to our car or from our car to the hotel, they held an umbrella above our heads when it was raining and helped carry our stuff. The curtain got stuck in the sliding door and a repairman came to fix it and the staff members were all gracious about it.

Special mention to Lit who found my bag after I left it by the pool taking photos of the beautiful sunrise. He brought it up to our room.

Cape Panwa is on the opposite side of busy Patong and Karon. This side of town is a more laid-back, relaxing holiday. I'm glad we chose this resort to finish off our visit of Phuket after being in Patong and Karon.

I see it often said that most people's qualms about the area is that it is far from other restaurants or things to do. To counter this, the roads in this area are wider and better-built and there's a lot less trafic. Consider renting a car. I am not recommending it because the decision depends on your confidence of your ability to drive in this part of the world. But for us, we rented a car. This made it easier for us to go to places to eat, shop, etc... I drove in the west side of Phuket, in Karon and Patong also and I can say, it feels a lot more comfortable and safer to drive in this side of the island. We dropped off the car at the airport.

To find this hotel in Google Maps or other references, try searching for Crowne Plaza Beachfront Resort. There's another resort that has a very similar name and a few people got confused with the two.

Very small suggestion to the resort: Fix the potholes on the short driveway outside the resort. Everything else about the resort is perfect. It's such a relatively small but fixable thing to do to maintain the status of the resort in the minds of your customers.


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