Niddrie Auto Repairs


I was driving to a work appointment one day. Traffic was unusually dense and all the cars were traveling slowly. Then, I saw smoke coming out of my car. I stopped the car. I opened the bonnet and I suspected the car overheated. I was calling around for nearby mechanics. It was hard to get someone who was nearby who could help immediately. Since the car overheated, the number of mechanics who had a tow truck were few and far between. I looked out my window and I saw Niddrie Auto Repairs. They were just across the road but being in a freeway, it wasn't just a case of crossing the road. I saw the number from where I parked my car and called it. Kevin picked it up and immediately, I felt I was in good hands. We waited for the traffic to lighten up when Kevin, came with his car, with water for my car's radiator and his tools. We drove my car to this garage and there, he fixed it for me. I also asked him to replace all my tyres since I was looking forward to a couple of day trips for the coming holidays. Kevin, is a real nice guy. I felt comfortable with him to know that he was going to take care of me. It's moments like these when you really appreciate meeting such great people, running their own business. If you are near the Niddrie area and you're looking for someone to repair or fix your car, give Kevin and his business a call. I'm pretty sure, you'll get great service! Kevin, if you're reading this. thanks again, mate!!!


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